Unleash the Brew: 15oz Kraken-up Mug


Sip creativity with Kraken-up Krafts’ 15oz black ceramic mug. Tailored for the artistic soul, its glossy finish beckons your original designs, while the C-shaped handle offers a sturdy grip. Lead and BPA-free, it’s your perfect vessel for morning inspiration in Lago Vista, TX.

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Dive into the morning with a splash of inspiration from Kraken-up Krafts’ 15oz ceramic mug. Much like a creative sea, these black mugs offer a bountiful 15oz (0.44l) capacity, perfect for those essential caffeine awakenings or soothing tea moments on a stormy day.

Fashioned from black ceramic material, these mugs are your canvas, waiting for the touch of your creative currents. With a glossy finish, your original designs come alive, inked in picture-perfect quality. Feel the artistic waves as you hold the C-shaped handle, designed for an easy and sturdy grip, as if the Kraken’s tentacle itself cradles your drink.

Lead and BPA-free, these mugs serve more than just a cup of creativity; they extend an invitation to explore the artful side of life. Decorate them with your original designs and let them be a daily reminder of the artistry within you. Raise a toast to creativity with Kraken-up Krafts’ ceramic mugs – your morning muse in Lago Vista, TX.

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