Instructions: Frosty Strokes & Warm Hearts

You’ve heard of paint and sip nights, right? Well, this time, we’re giving it a kid-friendly twist! Let’s make it more of a “sketch, giggle, and paint” affair. Want to be a rebel and paint freehand? Go ahead! Or, if you fancy a little guidance, feel free to trace your image onto the canvas.

Headed to Our Arty Party Studio? 🎨

Sign up for our in-studio event, and for just $15 per person, you’ll get your very own 8Γ—10 canvas, all the artsy-fartsy supplies you need, and – the best part – you can make a mess and leave it behind! Just strut on in, get your transfer game on, and let the colors flow.

Wear something you won’t mind turning into your next creative project. Things can get wild!

My little guy prefers a more hands-on approach to his art!

Your Table Awaits!

Once you’re here, we’ll guide you to your artsy station. Pick a picture from our handy-dandy resource library πŸ“š, or let your imagination run wild and start the transfer process. Grab those colors and get ready to rock!

Feeling adventurous? Why not ditch the outline and just splash those holiday or winter vibes straight onto your canvas?

Going the Double Canvas Route?

Painting with a partner? You can be matchy-matchy with your colors or go rogue and surprise each other at the end! Either way, our rainbow of color and brush choices won’t let you down.

My daughter and I painted the Peanuts Pairing together but we each made our color choices. Her’s turned out wild!

All You Gotta Do Is… Paint!

Worry not if your masterpiece needs a bit more love. Come back anytime; your canvas will wait for you.

What If You Want to Paint from Your Comfy Couch? πŸ›‹οΈ

Hey, no problem! You can grab the supplies below or simply buy them from us.

If you’re using a printed image, grab that graphite paper, lay it down, and tape it all up. Trace your picture, and bam! Your outline’s ready.

Drum Roll, Please… πŸ₯

Lift your image and graphite paper, and let the big reveal happen!

Now, all that’s left is to unleash the artist within you and paint your heart out. If you’re joining our local library exhibit, give us a shout so we can hang your masterpiece with pride.

So grab your brush, call up your buddies, and let’s turn those blank canvases into something magical. See you at the studio, or happy painting at home! πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈβœ¨

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