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"Witchy Enchantment: Sanderson Sisters' Spellbinding Trio" brings to life the unforgettable charm of the bewitching trio from "Hocus Pocus." Join us in celebrating their timeless allure and captivating spells. ✨🔮🌙

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  • Released: August 24, 2023

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Step into the realm of bewitching magic with "Witchy Enchantment: Sanderson Sisters' Spellbinding Trio." This artwork pays tribute to the iconic trio from "Hocus Pocus," capturing their whimsical personalities and enchanting presence. From Winifred's commanding gaze to Mary's quirky charm and Sarah's ethereal allure, the Sanderson Sisters come to life in vibrant hues, reminding us of their timeless allure and mischievous magic.