Dolls of the Harvest: How to Make Corn Husk Dolls

Ahoy, creative shipmates! 🌽✨ Ready yer sails for a whimsical journey into the crafty seas with our ‘Doll of the Harvest’ class. Here be a map to guide ye through the creation of these festive corn husk dolls:


Harvesting the Magic

First, collect dried corn husks, seein’ each as a blank canvas waitin’ to burst into life! Gather 6 to 13 husks, dependin’ on the style yer heart fancies. Soften ’em up by lettin’ ’em soak in warm water for about ten minutes, workin’ on towels to mop up the excess. Once they be pliable, gently separate ’em for ease of handlin’. You can fill ziplock bags with warm water and food color and soak them ahead of time in these bags which will soften and dye them fun colors.

Building the Essence

Now, layer four husks with the narrow ends pointin’ away, ensurin’ they be even. Bind ’em tightly with a string around the narrow ends to form the head and body base. Peel two husks outward, like a banana, and gently bend, and twist the edges to get a smooth and rounded shape. Then stuff ’em with paper towels for that perfect head shape. Bind another string under the stuffin’ to bring forth the distinct personality of yer doll. You can always trim any loose ends on your strings to keep it nice a tidy.

Next, take two similar husks, layin’ one with the narrow end to the left, and the other on top with the narrow end to the right. Roll these into a slender stick. Split the bottom of yer husk body into two equal parts, and slide yer husk stick up the center so that two ends be pointin’ out for the start of yer doll’s arms. Close yer loose husks and tie another string tightly around ’em just under yer husk stick. This be the heart of yer doll’s torso.

Getting our pieces ready for the arms.

Then, take two smaller pieces of string and tie the ends of yer husk stick arms as long or short as ye desire. Trim the ends, and there ye have it – arms ready for a merry jig! If yer heart be yearnin’ for a “boy” doll or one with pants, split the loose husks up the middle up to yer tied string under the arms and tie the two sections off just as ye did the arm ends. If this be the doll yer heart desires, then ye can move onto decoratin’!

Adding a Skirt

Should yer imagination crave a skirt, gather 4-6 more pieces of husk. Stack these around the waistline with the narrow ends pointin’ up. Pay no mind to the bottoms bein’ even; we’ll trim the base of the skirt at the end. Once ye’ve got yer skirt pieces layered around the waist, tie ’em on with another piece of string. Then, lay her flat and trim the bottom of the skirt so the edges be all even. This will allow her to stand up once she’s dry. Remember to stuff the base of her skirt with balled-up paper towels or cloth scraps. An upside-down cup will work fine too.

Collar and Bonnet

Now, if yer artistic spirit be whisperin’ tales of a collar and bonnet, ye’ll need three more thin pieces of husk. Fold these into three equal thin strips. The tricky part be gettin’ ’em all on and holdin’ ’em there while ye tie ’em on. First, lay one strip across the top of the head and tuck the ends down onto her chest. While layin’ the other two across her shoulders in an X shape, coverin’ the bottom of the bonnet. Hold ’em there and wrap a final piece of string underneath the arms, makin’ sure to secure the front and back edges of the X ye made.

Unleash Your Creativity!

Finally, let yer imagination run wild! Ye can leave ’em faceless or add facial features, dress yer doll in tiny accessories, or even give them a unique name.

Let yer corn husk creation air-dry completely. Once ready, proudly display yer handmade masterpiece, celebratin’ the rich heritage of Indigenous American craftsmanship. 🌾🎨

Embark on this joyful journey of craftin’, connectin’ with nature, and preservin’ cultural traditions. Happy crafting! 🌽🌟 #CornHuskCrafts #IndigenousArtistry #NatureCrafts #DIYDolls

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