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Dive deep into creativity with Kraken-up Krafts, your artistic anchor in Lago Vista, TX! We’ll journey through waves of color, texture, and imagination. Let’s make a vibrant splash in the world of art.

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Based in Lago Vista, TX, Kraken-up Krafts is your gateway to thrilling artistry events. Dive into creativity, learn from experts, and explore new artistic horizons with us.

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  • Kraken-Up Krafts Takes on the Streets: A Graffiti Adventure!

    Kraken-Up Krafts Takes on the Streets: A Graffiti Adventure!

    In our recent graffiti adventure, Kraken-Up Krafts set sail into the vibrant world of street art, guided by local muralist Aaron Darling. With a spectrum of colors and a backdrop of legal walls, we honed our graffiti skills under the cool skies. Stay tuned for more tales of artistic escapades! 🎨🚀 Read more

  • Chime into Change: Terracotta Pot Resolutions

    Chime into Change: Terracotta Pot Resolutions

    🌟 “Chime into Change: Terracotta Pot Resolutions” was a blast! 🎨 We kicked off the New Year with lively discussions about our goals, ranging from ninja dreams to outdoor adventures. Each decorated pot told a unique story, with some going on theme while others simply embraced the joy of crafting. With fast finishers burning off… Read more

  • Jolly Jar Creations: Whimsical Holiday Jars

    Jolly Jar Creations: Whimsical Holiday Jars

    Jolly Jar Creations: A festive crafting experience with playful ones, moms, and salty snowmen themes. Seven stations, laughter, unique masterpieces. Christmas music filled the room. After crafting, boys added energy to playtime. Until the next crafting adventure! ✨🎨🌟 #HolidayJars #JollyJarCreations #CraftingJoy Read more

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